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Essential Abs Diet Food List For Workouts

Do you need the kind of abs that you can show off? If you want great abs, you’re going to want to do more than work on your crunches. You’re also continuing to want to make sure you stick to the right kind of diet.

Read over this essential abs diet food list brought to you by the Specforce Abs Review Website and follow it every day. You’ll learn what kind of foods you should be eating, and which foods you should be staying away from.

Lean Meats

You want protein if you want to build muscle, and you need to eat lean protein if you don’t want to put on bulk. You should be eating plenty of lean meats, such as chicken, turkey, and Canadian bacon.

While you should make meat a part of your diet, you should be careful about the type of meat that you are eating. Avoid eating processed meat, like certain types of lunch meat, and stay away from fattier cuts of meat. All of these elements can keep you from getting the kind of abs that you want.

Vegetarian Protein

If you’re vegetarian and want to avoid meat — or if you’re simply trying to cut back on your meat intake — you don’t need to worry. There are other great sources of protein that is meat-free.

Flaxseeds are an excellent source of protein, as are sugar-free nut butter. Almond butter is an especially good choice.

Vegetarians that still eat fish can get the protein they need from shellfish and fish like salmon. As an added benefit, salmon is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Dark Leafy Greens

Fruits and greens should be an important part of any healthy diet. With that said, there is one type of vegetable that you should be focusing your attention on dark, leafy greens.

Dark green vegetables tend to be packed full of important nutrients. They can give your body the kind of fuel that it needs to get in shape. Spinach and kale are great for the body, but asparagus, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli are also very good choices.


When you’re taking in a lot of vitamins and antioxidants, it’ll be easier for your body to burn fat. If you’re aiming to get rid of your love handles, you should be snacking on berries.

Raspberries are an excellent choice for people that are focused on their abs; they have excellent nutritional content. Goji berries, blueberries, and blackberries are also great choices.

If you aren’t big on berries, but still want to enjoy the benefits of fruit, try eating more grapefruit or apples; they have similar nutritional content. While you should eat a lot of fresh fruit, you should stay away from sugary juices and jams.

Whole Grains

If you want a muscular and trim body, then you are going to have to take in a lot of fiber. You should focus on whole grains. While a lot of people have a negative perception of carbs, eating whole-grain bread and cereal can help you get into shape. Bread isn’t the only source of grain. Cereal, brown rice, and oatmeal are also ab-friendly.


You need to be consuming calcium if you want to promote weight loss. While you should try to eat and drink dairy products, you should make sure that the products you choose are either low or non-fat.

This list is something that every would-be dieter should read over. If you eat the foods on this diet list, you’ll be able to get the kind of toned abs you’ve always wanted. Fuel your body do that you will be able to re-shape it.

Becoming an auto electrician

Becoming an auto electrician is a good career choice for those willing to consider it, and for a number of reasons. The demand for auto electricians is certainly not going to decrease any time soon, as there are more and more cars on the roads every passing year. Between people living and driving longer and international immigration to the country, the driving age population continues to grow over time, so there are more vehicles than ever before requiring technicians and specialists with the right skill sets to keep them up and running well.

The very nature of the cars being made these days also means more work for automotive electricians The technology involved in cars gets more sophisticated with every new generation of models coming to market, and the wiring and circuitry inside grows in both complexity and sheer volume of work and maintenance that it presents. Cars can now do everything from report the tire pressure of each wheel on the dashboard to predict how many miles of gas are left in the tank before another fill-up is required.

This is not just a matter of computers used for running the car either, as accessory electronics like rear view cameras and GPS technology built into a dashboard sit alongside things like satellite radio and even in-built wireless phone systems. Some back seats even have audio/video systems for kids and other passengers to watch movies and television while riding from place to place. The amount of electronics and technology in some modern vehicles rivals that of some spacecraft from previous decades.

So, while there is obviously growing need for auto electricians, there are simply not that many coming into the field. So many parents harp on their kids to get college degrees, that skilled disciplines such as these get overlooked. That’s not to say that a college degree doesn’t help in this field, especially if the academic content is related, but in a lot of cases, you can break into the field through training programs, apprenticeships, vocational colleges, and technical institutes.

Many of the labor force’s current auto electricians are baby boomers. A good number have already retired, and many more are going to in the coming decade. Some members of the so-called ‘generation X’ fill the field, but the generation was not that big compared to boomers or millennials, who so far seem to not be coming into this lucrative field just yet.

Omega Seamaster Features (Gents Version)

Omega Seamaster is one of those watches that has been around that feels like a lifetime. And you know that it is an amazing watch if it can stay around for that long. Yes, it has been around in the watch industry for over 65 years.

This quartz timepiece has an amazing caseback that is carved with the logo. A mechanical winding feature with bracelet and stainless steel case. On top of that, it is water resistant to 1200m and has phosphorescent hands. One can get different types of dials that come in silver, black or blue color with helium release valve, etc.

If you are currently looking for an Omega seamaster, you will be confused which one to choose from since there are so many of them available in the market. Every different model that you look at, has a different type of color, movement, bracelet and casing size. So, yes, you really have to be carefully and be picky if you are going for a certain model of the Seamaster. Planet Ocean, Planet Ocean Chrono, Aqua Terra Annual Calendar and Ploprof 1200M are one of the most popular models out there.

You can do the research about all of them and choose which you like the most and go for it. The great thing about the Seamaster is that you can never really go wrong with it. If you are looking for a classic gentleman look, or just want a casual watch that you can wear in parties, as well as while working in the office, you will be set with almost any Seamaster model.

But if you want the best one for you, here are a couple of things that are common about almost all the different types of Omega Seamaster models. Almost all of them have a similar chronometer, date and screw-in crown.

If you are not very well-versed into watches, let me give you details about all those things to have a better understanding of what we’re talking about here.

Screw-in crown: It’s basically a self-locking crown that is screwed in the tube of the case. This is to ensure that the watch is as water resistant as possible because most Seamaster owners love to dive while wearing these watches.

Chronometer: This is basically a certificate that the watch gets after it has gone through the accuracy test by the official body, aka, the manufacturers of the watch.

Date: One can see the movement inside the watch. Even though it might look transparent to the naked eye, it is actually made of sapphire.

Now you might asking yourself, why don’t they have something special for the men’s version of the Seamaster?

Well sir, there are a couple of things that might fancy you.

For instance, if you check out the Planet Ocean model, it has a helium escape value. This is where the decompression technology enables the helium to escape from the inner part of the timepiece when the watch is being worn.

Another thing that you can find in the Planet Ocean models is that they have a unidirectional bezel. Because these watches are being mostly used by people who love diving, the unidirectional bezel helps them measure their diving times accurately. This is because the bezel can only rotate in a single direction. Many divers accidentally rotate the bezel in the wrong direction and that causes them to misjudge their diving times.

If you are not a diving enthusiast, you can check out the Ploprof 1200 M which has a bi-directional bezel. This means that the bezel can be turned both clockwise and anti-clockwise. This feature is mainly for people who would like to time the events and read the second and third time zones.

What Fruits Are Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D in fruit
Vitamin D in fruit


Vitamin D is a very beneficial mineral for the body. It can be useful in many ways. It helps in the immunity of body. It gives you more stamin and strength. It is very good for the cure of sugar of level one and two. It can also cure cancers of breast, prostate, colon, pancreas and kidney. It is a very vital mineral for reducing the risk of HIV, Aids and tuberculosis. It is also helps body to absorb magnesium, phosphate and calcium from the stomach. It should be taken in a good amount to avoid deficiency because its deficiency can cause rickets, bone loss, tooth decay, bone softening, bone disorder, bone fracture, asthma, kidney failure, kidney diseases, heart failure, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, hair loss, autism, auto immune diseases and neurological disorders. Its toxicity can cause hypercalcemia, weakness, hypertension, confusion, constipation, polyuria, polydipsia, and kidney stoning, vomiting, heart failure and kidney failure. The daily intake suggested by the experts and doctors of many developed countries is 600 IU per day for adults as well as children and 800 IU per day for those who are above 70.

Vitamin D can be found naturally. It is present in the rays of the sun. It can be obtained by walking in the sun light for more than 20 minutes. Sun is the best source to get vitamin D easily and without any hard work. It is also the best natural source to get vitamin D

The other natural resources include meat of fishes and animals. Meats have a very good amount of vitamin D present in it. Dairy products are also rich with the amount of vitamin D. Dairy products which have high amount of vitamin D include milk and eggs. Both eggs and milk contains a very good amount of vitamin D in them.

Vegetables which are rich in vitamin D include kale and mushrooms. It is said that a plate of mushrooms have about 35% of the RDA of vitamin D in them and kale have an amount of 32% of the RDA of vitamin D.

Fruit which is rich in vitamin D include orange. Orange contains a very low amount of vitamin D that is why vegetables, meat and dairy products are considered more to get vitamin D in a sufficient amount. Unfortunately except orange there are no other fruits rich in vitamin D.

Fortified orange juice and fortified soy milk and beverages also contains vitamin D in a sufficient amount .Supplements, injections, powders and medicines are also a source of a vitamin D. These medicines, supplements and injections are especially made for the intake of vitamin D in high amounts. These supplements are prepared industrially and are easily available in the pharmacies. Supplements are usually used by the patients suffering from the deficiency of vitamin D. These medicines, supplements and powders should be use on the advice of an expert, doctor or a physician because usually medicines and supplements have side effects which can be very hazardous to the human health.

Maybe It’s Time To Start Jogging To The Restaurant?

The latest industry figures have shown that even during pretty tight economic times, America’s love for dining out shows no sign whatsoever of slowing down. In pure financial terms the entire restaurant sector – everything from the guy selling hotdogs to Michelin starred boutique eateries – is worth just over $700bn annually, and comprises 4% of GDP.

Now that may not sound jaw-dropping so how about this – the cash that we spend eating out, compared to buying groceries to cook with at home, is now 45/55c in the dollar, and projected to make parity before the decade is out. In nominal terms the industry grew just shy of 4% in a year, going against economic wisdom that would suggest with lower disposable incomes should equal more domestic (cheaper) dining.


So at least one sector the economy is doing well – good news right? Well it depends on what side of the counter you’re on; as customers who are dining out more and more frequently are starting to notice that their belts are literally getting tighter. Despite billions spent on health awareness to combat obesity and warnings of diabetes, heart disease, cancers and such like, we just continue to get fatter. How much of this can be blamed upon us eating out more often though?

Firstly it depends obviously what you eat and where. Eating a foot long pulled pork sub with cheese and sauce is often going to match an adults daily requirements – that’s pretty obvious. Now let’s say instead we’re going to be healthy and have a nice healthy salad bowl. Would you like vinaigrette or ranch dressing (difference circa 200 calories)? Grilled chicken or crispy bacon (300+)? To drink – diet soda or regular (300+). You get the idea – the temptation when dining out is to go for the tastiest, and often most calorific and fattening options, and when doing so very often it can be habit forming and the go-to option when eating at home.

Plenty of restaurants know this yet are pretty cunning in presenting themselves and many options on their menus as being healthy or low fat while still being packed with calories. Going back to the salad scenario, one leading burger chain’s flagship burger contains slightly fewer calories than a standard salad. Free refills of soda cost the restaurant literally less than a cent per serving – yet a 16oz serving may contain more calories than a chocolate donut.


Part of the problem lies in the ‘low fat’ marketing, but in truth fat isn’t necessarily as bad as has long been thought – it’s sugars, carbohydrates and suchlike that make us eat more – especially when it can cost so little. Fat is physically filling, yet carbs are incredibly moreish because of the fast releasing nature of their energy – and they’re packed with energy! Restaurants that offer breadsticks and rolls before you order – yup, they do that to make you hungrier and eat more from the main menu. Let’s not even go into the desserts rather than to point out in many cases they will double your calorific ingestion from the meal, and cost pennies to put together (hence they’re so massive!).

But as discussed at the top of this article, we show no signs of stopping eating out so much – and let’s clarify that there are plenty of healthier options out there for those with the willpower to stick to them. Also it’s a very cultural thing, and in a highly competitive and growing market it’s also so accessible on a relatively regular basis depending on where you choose to dine.

Simply sticking to diet soda and skipping or sharing entrees and/or dessert will seriously reduce the number of useless/empty calories that are being taken in. If temptation is too much, then maybe limit it to once or twice a week, or even try something like eat stop eat which is intermittent fasting or start taking lunch to work rather than just hitting the nearest sandwich joint? These are all just ideas that need some serious consideration.


Whatever the circumstances, if you’re waistline is expanding and you’re putting on weight just take a moment to assess how often you dine out, what you eat and the alternative options available. You’ll be likely saving tens of thousands of calories a year even just by making a slight adjustment to any of these variables.

Finding a restaurant

With so many choices to choose from, finding a restaurant can be rather intimidating. Luckily, there are services that can help you in your decision making. The most popular site is


What is Yelp?


Yelp is an online comment and review site that lets their customers write reviews for so many restaurants. Even if you’re in a smaller town like me, there are Yelp reviews for your local restaurants.


Why Use a Site Such as This?


With so many options to choose from, you have to be more vigilant in your decision-making. There are so many options to choose from, especially in larger cities. Time is usually an issue for most. You don’t want to go to a place that takes their time if you only have a say, thirty minute lunch break.


The users and reviewers also review staff as well. Some of these are positive and negative, so you have the option of getting quality service at a place that scored higher for service and friendliness. I’ve been to a few places where I don’t know what the manager was thinking by hiring a few individuals.


Weeding Out the Spam?


There are a few things that you need to look at as well before giving a restaurant a shot. Look at the person who gave a negative review of a restaurant. Take the time to look at some of their other reviews and see if they were all negative. Although it’s disheartening, there are people in the world who are just negative and cannot bring themselves to enjoy the little things.


I always disregard the reviews of people like this and then take the other reviews into account before making a decision of where to eat. If the menu and atmosphere is something that appeals to you, I suggest giving the place a try regardless of the reviews of some. You can always ad your own when you are finished with your experience.




There is actually a really lucrative market in creating bots to post on competitors sites. I’ve seen quite a few ads when yelp first came onto the scene. You have to take this into account as well. There are some very good restaurants that I’ve been to that have had very poor ratings and reviews that had phenomenal service and tremendous quality of food.


There Are Alternatives…


One of the other sites that I use to gauge restaurants worthiness is Trip Advisor. They have a great ranking system and is used predominantly for tourists that are visiting the area. This hidden gem will give you a ranking of the restaurant compared to all of the other restaurants in the area. You can’t go wrong with a feature like that.




Although the decision of where to eat is ultimately yours to make, there are sites on the internet that can help educate you on the past experiences of others. Take a look at a few and then pick a place. Then review it on one or both of the sites. One should never be afraid to experience something new.


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