Becoming an auto electrician

Becoming an auto electrician is a good career choice for those willing to consider it, and for a number of reasons. The demand for auto electricians is certainly not going to decrease any time soon, as there are more and more cars on the roads every passing year. Between people living and driving longer and international immigration to the country, the driving age population continues to grow over time, so there are more vehicles than ever before requiring technicians and specialists with the right skill sets to keep them up and running well.

The very nature of the cars being made these days also means more work for automotive electricians The technology involved in cars gets more sophisticated with every new generation of models coming to market, and the wiring and circuitry inside grows in both complexity and sheer volume of work and maintenance that it presents. Cars can now do everything from report the tire pressure of each wheel on the dashboard to predict how many miles of gas are left in the tank before another fill-up is required.

This is not just a matter of computers used for running the car either, as accessory electronics like rear view cameras and GPS technology built into a dashboard sit alongside things like satellite radio and even in-built wireless phone systems. Some back seats even have audio/video systems for kids and other passengers to watch movies and television while riding from place to place. The amount of electronics and technology in some modern vehicles rivals that of some spacecraft from previous decades.

So, while there is obviously growing need for auto electricians, there are simply not that many coming into the field. So many parents harp on their kids to get college degrees, that skilled disciplines such as these get overlooked. That’s not to say that a college degree doesn’t help in this field, especially if the academic content is related, but in a lot of cases, you can break into the field through training programs, apprenticeships, vocational colleges, and technical institutes.

Many of the labor force’s current auto electricians are baby boomers. A good number have already retired, and many more are going to in the coming decade. Some members of the so-called ‘generation X’ fill the field, but the generation was not that big compared to boomers or millennials, who so far seem to not be coming into this lucrative field just yet.

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