What Fruits Are Rich in Vitamin D

Vitamin D in fruit
Vitamin D in fruit


Vitamin D is a very beneficial mineral for the body. It can be useful in many ways. It helps in the immunity of body. It gives you more stamin and strength. It is very good for the cure of sugar of level one and two. It can also cure cancers of breast, prostate, colon, pancreas and kidney. It is a very vital mineral for reducing the risk of HIV, Aids and tuberculosis. It is also helps body to absorb magnesium, phosphate and calcium from the stomach. It should be taken in a good amount to avoid deficiency because its deficiency can cause rickets, bone loss, tooth decay, bone softening, bone disorder, bone fracture, asthma, kidney failure, kidney diseases, heart failure, heart diseases, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, hair loss, autism, auto immune diseases and neurological disorders. Its toxicity can cause hypercalcemia, weakness, hypertension, confusion, constipation, polyuria, polydipsia, and kidney stoning, vomiting, heart failure and kidney failure. The daily intake suggested by the experts and doctors of many developed countries is 600 IU per day for adults as well as children and 800 IU per day for those who are above 70.

Vitamin D can be found naturally. It is present in the rays of the sun. It can be obtained by walking in the sun light for more than 20 minutes. Sun is the best source to get vitamin D easily and without any hard work. It is also the best natural source to get vitamin D

The other natural resources include meat of fishes and animals. Meats have a very good amount of vitamin D present in it. Dairy products are also rich with the amount of vitamin D. Dairy products which have high amount of vitamin D include milk and eggs. Both eggs and milk contains a very good amount of vitamin D in them.

Vegetables which are rich in vitamin D include kale and mushrooms. It is said that a plate of mushrooms have about 35% of the RDA of vitamin D in them and kale have an amount of 32% of the RDA of vitamin D.

Fruit which is rich in vitamin D include orange. Orange contains a very low amount of vitamin D that is why vegetables, meat and dairy products are considered more to get vitamin D in a sufficient amount. Unfortunately except orange there are no other fruits rich in vitamin D.

Fortified orange juice and fortified soy milk and beverages also contains vitamin D in a sufficient amount .Supplements, injections, powders and medicines are also a source of a vitamin D. These medicines, supplements and injections are especially made for the intake of vitamin D in high amounts. These supplements are prepared industrially and are easily available in the pharmacies. Supplements are usually used by the patients suffering from the deficiency of vitamin D. These medicines, supplements and powders should be use on the advice of an expert, doctor or a physician because usually medicines and supplements have side effects which can be very hazardous to the human health.

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